International 6 metre class

 In 1983 Colin Brookes purchased the International 6 metre Class sloop 'Saxon'. She had been converted some years back into a family cruising boat with not only a cut down Bermudan cruising rig, but a large cabin-top, pushpit, pullpit, stanchions and an engine fitted.

 The vessel was originally designed and built by Morgan Giles in 1930, and launched as 'Asti V', in Bilbao, Spain. She had been kept in the Maldon area since being smuggled out during the Spanish revolution on the deck of a cargo vessel in 1936.

 Her name was changed back to the original 'Asti V' and a completely new gaff rig designed by Colin Brookes.

 From here on, all work was taken over by Peter Brookes who immediately set about the task of ripping off the old cabin top and removing all the added unoriginal items from her. The intention being to get her back sailing again in a safe condition as soon as possible. The deck and cabin-top were drastically altered, the hull made good with minimal restoration, and a new rig made.

 In 1985 Peter re-launched 'Asti V' as an International 6 metre class sloop and continued to maintain and race her with great success until 1990.

 1990 saw the start of a major restoration project on 'Asti V' by Peter and it was during this periodthat she was sold on to a new owner who continued to finance the project. On completion and re-launch she proved to still be an extremely fast and competitive boat amongst her bermudan counterparts, and probably one of the fastest gaffers afloat.

 Peter also carried out restorations in varying degrees on two other

 International 6 metre Class vessels 'Piccolo' and 'Nancy'

 For stories and pictures of the three 'Sixes' click on the blue names below

'Asti V' (Morgan Giles 1930)

 'Piccolo' (William Fife 1932)

 'Nancy' (Olin Stephens 1932)