Brookes Boatbuilders

 A history with pictures of some of our boat

 Restorations and New-Build projects

 Click on the blue names in the table below for their stories and pictures

 Restoration of 1905 Logan built 'Rawhiti'  2005-2011
'New Build' project. 'Hannah Mae' 50ft gaff Pilot Cutter  2016 -
Restoration of 1939 Lidgard built 'Matia' 50ft  2019 -
Restoration of 1960 Fife built 'Impala' 38ft  2019 -
Restoration of 1897 Logan built 'Kotiri' 40ft  2019 -
Restoration project of the 'Ladye Wilma'. Built 1895  2019 -
Refit of 1934 Logan built 'Little Jim'  2007
Refit of 'Turakina' built 1949  2011
New deck on 'Chiloe' Brin Wilson 3skin Kauri Sloop 1970s  2007
Refit of 'Amakura II' 52ft Colin Wild launch 1936  2007
Mast repair of 1894 Logan built 'Waitangi'  2005
'New Build' project. 68ft hollow wood mast for 'Tawera'  2003
Restoration of the 30sq metre Class 'Vivi'. Built 1923  2002-04 
'West Solent One Design' vintage sloops 1992-99
The 'International Dragon Class' 1996-97
Virtue Class Cutter 'Sea Mist' 1992
The Luke Gaff Yawl 'Cormorant' 1990's
East Coast One Design 'Delphine' 1990's 
Traditional East Coast 'Winklebrig' repair 1990's
Portuguese Beach Boat 'Froggie' 1989-90
'International 6 metre Class' vintage sloops 1983-97
'Sprite' Class dinghys 1984-91
The traditionaly fitted out moulded dinghys  1990's
'The Early Days'. Gaffers - Winklebrigs - Dinghys  1970-84